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CMIC Purchasing Group
Overview & Leadership

Guided by a Board of Directors with extensive experience, credentials and deeply-held convictions around the power of quality, comprehensive health care for all members of the community

Features & Resources

Bringing together the most committed community-based healthcare providers working cooperatively in pursuit of patient safety, provider protection and clinician advocacy

History & Presence

Our non-profit collective has grown organically across California and New Mexico to ensure clinics have the medical professional liability insurance protection they need and deserve through NORCAL Group

Committed to protecting your clinic’s mission, reputation and ability to care for your patients through every stage of life

Over 30 Year Legacy

Serving Clinics throughout California and New Mexico since 1987

Protecting ~200 Clinics

Protecting ~200 Clinics with custom-crafted medical liability coverage

Clinic-Specific Features

Clinic-specific features include optional FTCA Gap Coverage

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In Cooperation with an MPL Industry Leader 

NORCAL Group, now part of ProAssurance, is dedicated to serving our policyholders with exceptional medical professional liability insurance products and services. 

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